As many of you know, this week bad credit home loans down payment I’m recording a podcast that Nordic Naturals is funding as part of their new “What’s Essential” Campaign (shows start airing in January; I promise to let everyone know when!). One of the shows we recorded today was an interview with Mackie Shilstone, a “sports performance manager” with over 30 years experience, who’s trained countless professional athletes, like Serena Williams and Roy Jones Jr. (a boxing champ I didn’t know of before today! Sports are not my forte!). Mackie also has started a program called “The Fitness Principle” at East Jefferson General Hospital in New Orleans that incorporates nutrition and exercise in a tailored program to help people achieve health goals.
While my co-host, Stuart Tomc, has met Mackie a few times, and spoken with him at different engagements, I’d never heard of Mackie until a couple weeks ago when I received the line up for our shows. Honestly, I was a little intimidated when I started doing some research on him and his background, and from stories Stuart told me: that Mackie was hard core, a drill sergeant, knew how to push people to their extremes, that he was the classic southern tough-guy coach .
Between Stuart and I, we had some questions and topics mapped out, can i get a home loan with zero down but I really was wondering how we were going to see this guy’s human side, if we could get a chance to see his own vulnerability, or whether he would stay a “personality” through the interview.
So, we start, and it’s fine; Mackie is a very intelligent, media savvy guy, and has his info down pat. We talk about exercise, nutrition, what being healthy really means, what got him interested in doing what he’s doing, all the regular things one asks in an interview. But then I took a risk and asked him, “So, you clearly are someone with an innate amount of drive and motivation and will power, but I’m sure, since you are a human on this earth, you’ve had dark moments. What, in those dark moments, kept you motivated? How did you keep putting one foot in front of the other?”
Honestly, I don’t know what I expected him to say. But he paused a moment, and then, this very hard-core, guy’s guy, intense pro-athlete trainer, who himself has a fitness age of 25 compared to his biological age of 61, told a story that made me tear up. He talked of his father, who was a WWII veteran and who came back with can i get a loan with paid defaults undiagnosed PTSD, and became an alcoholic. And how, while he was never physically abused, Mackie suffered a lot of verbal abuse, and inconsistent love and care that occurs for kids living with addiction. He told us of how it wasn’t until he was 55 years old that he finally was able to say to that scared little boy that was still in him, “Hey, I’m here now, I’m all grown-up, and I’ve got it under control. It’s OK. Everything is OK.” And that at that point, he finally could accept himself, and love himself, and that life became tremendously more joyful and whole.

Whoa. This story still gives me chills!

And then, instead of talking about more sports and exercise and nutrition, he spoke of his wife, and their two grown sons, of how they jokingly call him a “freak” and that they are “normal” since they don’t drop and do fifty everyday.

It was a beautiful moment of connection. An inspiring moment of someone being willing to be vulnerable, and in so doing shows the world just how truly courageous and amazing they are. That we’re all human and fight hard battles. And that everything really will be OK. Thanks, Mackie.

Dr. Juniper

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Dr. Juniper Martin is a board certified Naturopathic Physician practicing in Portland, Oregon. She uses an integrated approach, combining her study of complementary treatments such as herbal medicine, supplements and nutrition with her training in western diagnostics, pharmacology, and laboratory interpretation. While running her busy practice keeps her quite engaged, running after her three kids and trying to soak up the amazing gift of life rounds out her time rather nicely.
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