This one is for the Ladies

             Did you know that every year can you get a bank loan with bad credit following Mother’s Day is National Women’s Health Week? Hooray for us! Women make up over half the population, and recognizing our physical needs is important to make sure we are as vital and whole as we can be.

             We all know we should schedule our annual exam; we know we’re due for a mammogram; we know we should be doing breast self checks, and eating better, and exercising more. But life and all our various roles we play somehow manage to get in the way, don’t they?  As women, we are so adept at taking care of everyone else’s needs first, and putting our own aside. But as the adage says, “you cannot serve from an empty vessel.” If we do not put ourselves, and our well-being first, we’ll eventually have no reserves to be able to continue to fill all those roles that are so important to us. Light needs energy to shine it’s brightest!

            Here’s a quick easy list of how to make the most of Women’s Health Week:

  • Schedule that needed wellness check! Are you due for a PAP? A mammogram? Screening blood work, like a cholesterol panel or a thyroid can you get a payday loan with no debit card check? When’s the last time you had a full physical? How about a colonoscopy or a skin check? Do you need a reminder on how to do proper breast self exams? How about your teeth? Been to the dentist for a cleaning in the last year? Take this week to schedule at least one appointment with a health care provider.

  • Recommit to an exercise plan. Exercise is really and truly the magic bullet, and I promise you, there is an exercise plan out there for everyone no matter what your tolerance or ability. However, we all need a little kick in the pants sometimes to get up and get moving. For some great inspiration check out Dr. Mike Evans “23 and ½ Hours” ( When you come up with an easy, do-able plan that fits in with your life, write it down, post it some place you will see it, and tell your friends and family about it. Having some accountability is crucial to sticking with any new habit.

  •  Schedule an hour and re-evaluate your current diet. Write down what your meals, snacks, and drinks have been for the last three days, or keep a diet diary for three days. Do not look at this borrow long term loan list with a lens of judgment, and do your best to keep that negative self talk dialed down low. This is about you being your best you. Look at your three days and circle five things you’re proud of and circle three things you know were not healthy choices. Now list two things you can do differently in the next month to start giving your body the best fuel possible.

  •  Lastly, give yourself some LOVE! Treat yourself! Call a cherished friend and schedule lunch. Schedule a massage. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Whatever it is that nourishes your soul, set aside just two hours this week to let yourself be filled up. You deserve this!

             Now, obviously, we need to be paying attention to our health and well-being a lot more than just 7 days out of the year, but the usefulness of designating a week to focus specifically on our health, is that it brings awareness, and reminds us to do those things we know we should do, but so easily persuade ourselves to put on the back burner. This National Women’s Health Week take the time and put you first!

Dr. Juniper

About Dr. Juniper

Dr. Juniper Martin is a board certified Naturopathic Physician practicing in Portland, Oregon. She uses an integrated approach, combining her study of complementary treatments such as herbal medicine, supplements and nutrition with her training in western diagnostics, pharmacology, and laboratory interpretation. While running her busy practice keeps her quite engaged, running after her three kids and trying to soak up the amazing gift of life rounds out her time rather nicely.
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