Dr. Juniper Martin

Dr. Juniper is mother to three children. She has history as a biologist, an actress, a chemist, and a waitress. She has helped nurse a parent through cancer and has trained as a midwife.

Dr. Juniper has been blessed with having experienced both great joy and deep grief. Her passion is the human condition: why are we here, what is our purpose, what brings us, as individuals meaning? Her goal is to help her patients and their families live at their highest potential.

Dr. Juniper practices as a family primary care physician. She uses an integrated approach, combining her study of complementary treatments such as herbal medicine and nutrition with her training in western diagnostics, pharmacology, and laboratory interpretation. Growing up, Dr. Juniper was taught there was always a solution to a problem if one paid attention to the clues at hand. This teaching, united with her training in hard science and understanding of the biological world, has shown her to approach each patient’s story as a detective. She examines the treatments she uses in the same rigorous manner. To provide the best possible care and to know the needs of you and your family, she prefers to work as your primary care provider; however, she is happy to work in conjunction with your other care providers and provide consultation for options not available in conventional medicine.

Dr. Juniper knows firsthand the challenges of including changes and new habits into an already full schedule. She believes knowledge is power. And while she does expect a commitment from her patients to trust and work with her, she makes a big effort to meet people where they are and to explain each step of the process, so they can understand and create their own healing.

Dr. Juniper is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon. She received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine. She holds a certificate in Natural Childbirth from the same institution. While completing over 800 hours of clinical training in school, Dr. Juniper also took part in a 6-month pediatric and obstetric internship. Previous to NCNM, Dr. Juniper graduated with high honors from Portland State University with a degree in Biology.

Amoreena Tibray CMA(AAMA)

Amoreena is the eldest of Dr. Juniper's three children. Growing up in Portland, with Dr. Juniper as her mother, Amoreena learned biology, botany, human anatomy, and empathy at a very young age. With her experience in medical assisting, administration, communication, and art, her mission in life is to expand openness, wholeness, and understanding in the world.

Amoreena earned her Certificate of Medical Assisting from the American Association of Medical Assistants after graduating from an accredited Medical Assisting Program. Before becoming a medical assistant, Amoreena was the Administrative Assistant for Dr. Juniper. After working as an extern at another small naturopathic clinic, Amoreena decided to follow her heart and come back to Dr. Juniper's office as a CMA.

Now, as a Certified Medical Assistant, Amoreena performs office management duties as well as assisting in procedures, taking vitals, performing physicals, and drawing blood. While you might not see her face often, she is behind the computer scheduling your appointments, sending your records, and helping with any other of your needs.

Amoreena recently graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies. She wishes to use her degree to give back to her community and continue helping patients and people. During her free time, Amoreena enjoys gardening, making art, hiking, and spending time with her partner and friends.