Let’s Talk, Fellas!

Fellas, we have to talk.

It’s can i get a crisis loan to pay rent arrears been known for a while that a man’s life span is shorter than a woman’s by 5-10 years, on average. But did you also know that men are much more likely than women to die of the top 10 killers? Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pneumonia even… men are more likely than women to succumb to each of these. Now, I know many women who would like to attribute this as a sign of us being the stronger sex, and there is some difference in basic biology to explain this discrepancy; however, newer research is showing that one of the largest causes of earlier death in the male population is caused by the plain, simple fact that men don’t go to the doctor.

Men by and large also participate in riskier behavior: smoking, drinking, drug use, all are more prevalent among men, but even then, the bigger factor is that men do not seek medical help until it is often too late to reverse serious damage.

So, what’s up guys? You know we love you, right? And I’m sure you love one another, too, and don’t wish for your father, brother, son, friend, or partner to be ill bank of america selling loans to green tree unnecessarily.  We know you’re tough, we know you can handle the pain, we know you don’t need help, but we do need you, here in our lives, being as healthy and whole as you can be.

June is National Men’s Health Awareness month, and it is a great reminder to assess your health and make any necessary appointments with your health care practitioner.

But that might be the first problem. Nearly 25% of men admit that they do not have a regular person whom they go to routinely for medical care (compared to 10% of women). And even more men admit that even when they go to a practitioner, they feel uncomfortable talking about all that ails them.

Admittedly, finding a practitioner can be daunting. Always remember, that you are the paying customer, and you deserve to be treated with care and respect. If you feel it doesn’t “click” with the person treating you, it is 100% acceptable to find someone else. Many practitioners offer free 15min phone consultations. Ask your friends whom they see and what they like about their practitioner. Make a list for your self of necessary qualities: Do they take auto loans for bad credit with large down payment your insurance? Are they personable? What was their training? Do you feel respected and listened to? Do you understand their explanations for treatments?

The best time to choose a practitioner is when you are well; this way you can be sure to find the person that really fits, and they can get to know you when you are well…not the sick you. This gives the practitioner a baseline from which to work with. Screening blood work can be done to check for blood sugar, liver and kidney function, cholesterol, some vitamin and perhaps hormone levels. Important screens like blood pressure, testicular, and prostate cancer can also be done. And the best practitioner can help you look at your lifestyle and help make a plan to keep you being the healthiest and happiest you.

So to our dear brothers, sons, fathers, partners, and friends who are guys…we love you. Taking care of yourself and keeping as vital and well as you can be to stay in our lives as long as possible…well, that’s the best gift ever.

This June make one appointment with a health care practitioner.
Real men take care of themselves!

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This one is for the Ladies

             Did you know that every year can you get a bank loan with bad credit following Mother’s Day is National Women’s Health Week? Hooray for us! Women make up over half the population, and recognizing our physical needs is important to make sure we are as vital and whole as we can be.

             We all know we should schedule our annual exam; we know we’re due for a mammogram; we know we should be doing breast self checks, and eating better, and exercising more. But life and all our various roles we play somehow manage to get in the way, don’t they?  As women, we are so adept at taking care of everyone else’s needs first, and putting our own aside. But as the adage says, “you cannot serve from an empty vessel.” If we do not put ourselves, and our well-being first, we’ll eventually have no reserves to be able to continue to fill all those roles that are so important to us. Light needs energy to shine it’s brightest!

            Here’s a quick easy list of how to make the most of Women’s Health Week:

  • Schedule that needed wellness check! Are you due for a PAP? A mammogram? Screening blood work, like a cholesterol panel or a thyroid can you get a payday loan with no debit card check? When’s the last time you had a full physical? How about a colonoscopy or a skin check? Do you need a reminder on how to do proper breast self exams? How about your teeth? Been to the dentist for a cleaning in the last year? Take this week to schedule at least one appointment with a health care provider.

  • Recommit to an exercise plan. Exercise is really and truly the magic bullet, and I promise you, there is an exercise plan out there for everyone no matter what your tolerance or ability. However, we all need a little kick in the pants sometimes to get up and get moving. For some great inspiration check out Dr. Mike Evans “23 and ½ Hours” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUaInS6HIGo). When you come up with an easy, do-able plan that fits in with your life, write it down, post it some place you will see it, and tell your friends and family about it. Having some accountability is crucial to sticking with any new habit.

  •  Schedule an hour and re-evaluate your current diet. Write down what your meals, snacks, and drinks have been for the last three days, or keep a diet diary for three days. Do not look at this borrow long term loan list with a lens of judgment, and do your best to keep that negative self talk dialed down low. This is about you being your best you. Look at your three days and circle five things you’re proud of and circle three things you know were not healthy choices. Now list two things you can do differently in the next month to start giving your body the best fuel possible.

  •  Lastly, give yourself some LOVE! Treat yourself! Call a cherished friend and schedule lunch. Schedule a massage. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Whatever it is that nourishes your soul, set aside just two hours this week to let yourself be filled up. You deserve this!

             Now, obviously, we need to be paying attention to our health and well-being a lot more than just 7 days out of the year, but the usefulness of designating a week to focus specifically on our health, is that it brings awareness, and reminds us to do those things we know we should do, but so easily persuade ourselves to put on the back burner. This National Women’s Health Week take the time and put you first!

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Let’s Talk Flu!

The flu season is here!!! And with it comes the big bad credit history loan lenders question, to get the flu vaccine or not? This can be a very confusing topic, and there is a ton of conflicting information out there. Ultimately, there is not going to be a one-answer-fits all, but rather we each need to evaluate our own situation and decide what is best for our health and the health of our family. But let’s try to clear up some of the confusion, so you can make the most informed decision possible!

Is the vaccine effective?

No vaccine is 100% effective, and the flu vaccine, especially, has extremely variable rates of efficacy. This year the CDC is speculating about a 62% success rate, meaning that out of 100 people who have been vaccinated this season and exposed to the flu, 62 of them do not report symptoms of influenza (fever, aching, cough, runny nose, sore throat…). The reason for this variability is that the vaccine is created new each year by virologists who attempt to predict how the three most common strains of influenza will mutate, and then a vaccine is created based on those predictions. Influenza virus is one of the most constantly mutating viruses known…thus it will be impossible to create a vaccine that is 100% effective and that will create lifelong immunity.

Anyone who’s had the flu can attest to how completely awful it is. However, the far majority of us recover fully within 10-14 days. Where the flu can become a problem is when it sets the stage for a secondary bacterial infection, namely pneumonia. There are particular subsets of the population that are more susceptible to a secondary infection, namely the very young (less than one years old), the elderly, and those with a compromised immune system or lung issues (chronic asthma, COPD, emphysema). Ironically, the influenza vaccine works the least well in these populations, with much lower success rates than in older children and healthy younger adults. The reason for this discrepancy is based on how the vaccine interacts with our immune system. The part of our immune system that the flu vaccine stimulates to make antibodies, is not as active or developed in the very young or elderly, and in those already fighting a chronic illness.

Many people have questions of additives and preservatives in the flu vaccine. It is a fact that the multi-dose vaccine vial used for adults (the most commonly used vaccine) has thimerosal used as a preservative. Thimerosal is a mercury based preservative. While boat loans with no credit check karma the amount of thimerosal in a single dose of vaccine is FDA approved, it is still a dose of mercury, which is a known neurotoxin. Thimerosal is not present in the children’s vaccine, nor is it present in single-dose vials.  There is also a very small amount of formaldehyde in the vaccine. Formaldehyde is used to disinfect the vaccine (to make sure nothing live is growing in it, which would be very, very dangerous). Formaldehyde is, of course, not good for anyone; however, this is, again, much less formaldehyde than we’re often exposed to daily as a natural by-product in regular foods we are eating.

Does the vaccine help my immune system?

Something else to consider is that there is conclusive research that shows that our long term immunity to the flu is not helped by the flu vaccine. This has to do with how the vaccine was made to interact with our immune system and have minimal side effects. The live vaccine, which is not regularly used anymore, is a little bit different and not what I’m referring to here. When we naturally get the flu, our immune system is being exposed to the whole virus, all the different bits and pieces and all the different chemicals created by that virus. All the different parts of our immune system respond to this information and our immune system records this data and uses it in future attack. And although the influenza virus is constantly shifting and mutating, and there are different strains, there are many basic parts that stay the same. So the more often we’re exposed to and fight an actual flu infection, the better our immune system gets at reacting to the virus, and our symptoms become less severe and have shorter duration. Because the flu vaccine is stimulating only one part of our immune system, and is focused on making our body recognize just one little part of one specific strain, our immune system does not record this information for future use, and the vaccine does not give us long term protection from the flu.

What can I do to help prevent from getting sick?

There are many things you can do to help protect yourself from the flu without getting the vaccine (or in addition to). Hygiene is first, of course. Lots and lots of hand washing, lots and lots of alcohol based hand sanitizer like Purell (I don’t love the “antimicrobial” sanitizers or soaps). Cough into bad credit installment loans in arkansas your elbow; be aware of the space you share with others. The flu virus is a seasonal bug, with a consistent flare in late winter/early spring in both hemispheres. There has been great research done that is pointing to the idea that it’s not specifically us being in closer quarters during these months that gives us a rise in influenza, but it’s lack of sun that is increasing susceptibility. Research has shown that those taking Vitamin D (800-2000 IU/day) through the winter months have much less susceptibility to the flu and record much less severe symptoms. We know now that Vitamin D is integral to our innate immune system’s ability to recognize and quickly fight a foreign invader. Our innate immune system is the part of our immune system that is the first line of defense against attack (before an antibody response). Both Echinacea and Elderberry have been shown to have specific anti-influenza virus affects in vitro (they work similarly to Tamiflu in stopping viral replication). Clinically, I see these herbs work best when taken heavily and consistently at the first sign of illness or known exposure. Probiotics taken daily (10 billion cfu/day)  help regulate our immune system, as these beneficial bacteria create a chemical that the T-cells of our immune system require to become regulatory and not inflammatory. And lastly, good old fish oil (2000mg/day total omega 3), taken daily, has been shown to increase innate immunity, and balance the immune system. Please consult your health practitioner before starting any new supplement or herb.

Who should get the flu vaccine?

In healthy adults who have very young infants at home, I often recommend the vaccine, along with other protective measures, since newborns are an especially vulnerable population with completely undeveloped immune systems, and they’re only defense is their mama’s milk (if they are breastfeeding). Similarly, if you have family members at home who cannot take preventative measures against the flu and who are immune compromised or elderly, it may be extra protective for you to get the vaccine.

Whether or not to get the flu vaccine is ultimately going to be a personal decision based on one’s own health, where you work, what you’re exposed to, and who you’re going home to, and how old you are. I know it’s confusing, and there’s a lot of fear. Please feel free to contact me with more specific questions!

Be well,

Dr. J


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As many of you know, this week bad credit home loans down payment I’m recording a podcast that Nordic Naturals is funding as part of their new “What’s Essential” Campaign (shows start airing in January; I promise to let everyone know when!). One of the shows we recorded today was an interview with Mackie Shilstone, a “sports performance manager” with over 30 years experience, who’s trained countless professional athletes, like Serena Williams and Roy Jones Jr. (a boxing champ I didn’t know of before today! Sports are not my forte!). Mackie also has started a program called “The Fitness Principle” at East Jefferson General Hospital in New Orleans that incorporates nutrition and exercise in a tailored program to help people achieve health goals.
While my co-host, Stuart Tomc, has met Mackie a few times, and spoken with him at different engagements, I’d never heard of Mackie until a couple weeks ago when I received the line up for our shows. Honestly, I was a little intimidated when I started doing some research on him and his background, and from stories Stuart told me: that Mackie was hard core, a drill sergeant, knew how to push people to their extremes, that he was the classic southern tough-guy coach .
Between Stuart and I, we had some questions and topics mapped out, can i get a home loan with zero down but I really was wondering how we were going to see this guy’s human side, if we could get a chance to see his own vulnerability, or whether he would stay a “personality” through the interview.
So, we start, and it’s fine; Mackie is a very intelligent, media savvy guy, and has his info down pat. We talk about exercise, nutrition, what being healthy really means, what got him interested in doing what he’s doing, all the regular things one asks in an interview. But then I took a risk and asked him, “So, you clearly are someone with an innate amount of drive and motivation and will power, but I’m sure, since you are a human on this earth, you’ve had dark moments. What, in those dark moments, kept you motivated? How did you keep putting one foot in front of the other?”
Honestly, I don’t know what I expected him to say. But he paused a moment, and then, this very hard-core, guy’s guy, intense pro-athlete trainer, who himself has a fitness age of 25 compared to his biological age of 61, told a story that made me tear up. He talked of his father, who was a WWII veteran and who came back with can i get a loan with paid defaults undiagnosed PTSD, and became an alcoholic. And how, while he was never physically abused, Mackie suffered a lot of verbal abuse, and inconsistent love and care that occurs for kids living with addiction. He told us of how it wasn’t until he was 55 years old that he finally was able to say to that scared little boy that was still in him, “Hey, I’m here now, I’m all grown-up, and I’ve got it under control. It’s OK. Everything is OK.” And that at that point, he finally could accept himself, and love himself, and that life became tremendously more joyful and whole.

Whoa. This story still gives me chills!

And then, instead of talking about more sports and exercise and nutrition, he spoke of his wife, and their two grown sons, of how they jokingly call him a “freak” and that they are “normal” since they don’t drop and do fifty everyday.

It was a beautiful moment of connection. An inspiring moment of someone being willing to be vulnerable, and in so doing shows the world just how truly courageous and amazing they are. That we’re all human and fight hard battles. And that everything really will be OK. Thanks, Mackie.

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More on fitness!

Check out this article from bad credit home loans nsw the NYT.
We get *soooo* obsessed with looks in our culture, we’ve lost what it means to borrowing money in kuwait truly be healthy. Like I said in my last post, our bodies were meant to move, and move often. auto loans in california THAT is what gives us the positive effects of exercise. Time to bag that BMI!

Fitness Matters More than Weight

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It Really is the Magic Bullet…

I’ll come right out and say it: this is another post telling bad credit home loans with cosigner you to exercise. I know, you’ve heard it all already, but I’m going to tell you again. You need to be exercising. As in moving. As in not sitting.

Here’s something you may not know. Low fitness and a sedentary lifestyle is the number one predictor for chronic disease and early death. I’ll repeat that. Being unfit and sitting all day is the number one way to get sick and die young. Dr. Steven N. Blair, director of research for the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, has done extensive research on the effects of exercise. His studies have shown that regardless of other negative health circumstances (e.g. obesity or smoking), a sedentary lifestyle is still the surest way to an early death. In fact, smokers and obese people who exercise increase their life expectancy even if they keep smoking and stay obese (though I don’t recommend either of those…).

That’s some pretty fantastic motivation right there.

However, if that’s not enough to sell you, consider the following. Regular exercise:

  • Increases youthful appearance by protecting against excess cell degeneration.
  • Controls weight.
  • Gives emotional resilience by balancing our neurotransmitters.
  • Works as an antidepressant.
  • Protects against anxiety.
  • Decreases the risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Decreases menopausal symptoms.
  • Decreases bone loss in post-menopausal women.
  • Decreases PMS symptoms and helps regulate hormones.
  • Increases proper immune function.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Protects against insomnia.

If a pharmaceutical company came out with a new drug that claimed all of the above, we would all scream foul and label it snake oil. But this is the real deal, folks. Our bodies evolved to move and move frequently, and without that consistent movement, we fall apart.

So how much exercise are we borrowing money on vacant land talking about here? Amazingly, not that much. Research has shown that previously sedentary people who increase their activity a mere one hour a week increase their life expectancy. What I see as a practitioner is that we tend to get too black and white in our thinking about what exercise means. That if we can’t get to the gym for an hour every day, then we might as well not try. It’s important to be creative and find ways to be more active throughout the day. It’s important to keep consistent, keep it balanced and keep it affordable.  Here are some tips and ideas for ways to increase fitness into a busy, hectic schedule:

  • Split it up. Three ten minute walks a day has been shown to have the same effect as one 30 minute walk.
  • Add small amounts of movement throughout the day. Take the stairs for one, or two, or ten flights. Park a block away. Rollerskate while you do your house chores. Have a dance party with your kids for ten minutes.
  • Make yourself accountable. Having a work out buddy has been shown to make people be more consistent with their workouts. No one wants to be seen as a slacker!
  • Use videos. There are thousands of work out videos available online, or to buy, ranging from 10 minute yoga routines to two hour high intensity work outs. There are now even subscriptions available (like Barre 3, here in the U.S.) where you pay a small monthly fee to have classes available online that you can do from home.
  • Join a sport. I know many of us did not have positive sports experiences growing up, but that’s no reason to not try it now. There are all sorts of fun adult leagues available now including soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and kickball.  borrowing money letter agreement Plus you get the added benefit of social connection!
  • Take a class. Learn something new and stretch your limits. Try tae kwon do, or rock climbing. Don’t like it? Try something else.
  • Remember it doesn’t have to be intense. Yoga and tai chi are fantastic strength builders and can be a great cardio work out, and have the extra benefit of meditation built in.
  • Look at how much you are sitting during the day. Set a timer and make sure you are standing up every 30 minutes for at least a couple minutes. Even better, use a standing work station (which will protect your neck and back also).

Lastly, remember that there are two types of happiness: instant gratification, and the happiness that comes from working hard and reaching a goal. Exercise doesn’t always have to be fun. You don’t (and won’t) always want to do it. But if you remember the long-term benefits of exercise, you can push yourself to do it. We’re not talking your whole day here. As Dr. Michael Evans has pointed out, all that’s needed is for you to give up thirty minutes a day…you can sit and sleep the other 23 and a half hours. Are you willing to give up half an hour of sitting in order to live longer?

As a personal example, part of my exercise routine is to wake up twice a week at 5 AM and go run with my neighbor. I can promise you two things: I have never once woken up at 5 AM and been happy to go run, and I always feel amazing after I’ve done it. Check out the attached clips and see for yourself (pardon the bed head…it was 5AM). And then get to it!

You Don’t Have to Like it…It Gets Better!And the Wrap Up!




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