I offer holistic family health care for those seeking accurate diagnoses and balanced care through all phases of life.


My Mission:
To provide health care for children and adults in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, and to provide this care with an appreciation that the innate wisdom and healing potential in each of us are the seeds from which physical, emotional, and mental balance can grow and flourish over a lifetime.


How is holistic medical care different?

A visit to with me may be different than previous care you’ve experienced. The human body is designed to maintain its health. If you are not feeling at full health, it does not mean your body is breaking down. The symptoms you feel are your body’s attempt to adapt to some strain. Symptoms are signals for us to start investigating that strain and eliminate it.

I see being a Holistic Physician like being a Medical Detective. The first step in the investigation is to listen to you. The best information regarding your health is going to come from you. Different bodies lose their healing ability for different reasons, and I work closely with my patients and listen to those individual symptoms for clues about each unique case. This investigation includes a detailed history, physical exams, laboratory analysis, and other diagnostic procedures. When the underlying cause of your symptoms is discovered, I have the knowledge and training to recommend methods to support your body’s healing and work with you to develop a specialized treatment plan.


What can I expect from a visit to your office?
Your first visit will include a thorough history of your case and a physical examination. Pertinent lab work will be ordered. There will be time for you to ask any questions pertaining to your doctor’s background and approach. Follow-up visits will be shorter and we will continue treatment or address any acute needs you may have. You will leave each visit with a detailed, individualized, easy-to-follow treatment plan. I also encourage you to call or email with any concerns or questions you may have.

Why the Pinecone?
The Douglas Fir is not only the Oregon state tree, it is also a familiar sight throughout the Portland metro area. Conifers, with their evergreen branches, have long been symbols of eternal life, and their fruit, the pinecone, has also long been a symbol of regeneration.


Take Care!


Dr. J